The history of Viano Organics

Viano organic fertilisers, a brand of a family owned business with a tradition…

In 1956 Mr. Frans Krauch Sr. Founded “Finapar ltd”, a sales office for finished products derived from animal wastes. At the very same time the fertiliser brand ‘Viano’ was founded.

In 1985 the management was taken over by Finapar Ltd. with Mr Frans Krauch Jr. as Managing Director.
At the very same time, the name of the company was changed into Rendapart Ltd. With this action the continuation of the production and distribution of organic based fertilisers was guaranteed. To be the first manurfacturer of organic fertilisers in Belgium and brandholder of the oldest premium quality brand ‘VIANO’ is the guarantee towards the customers that experience and know-how of this company results in high qualilty on every level, and this for over more than 60 years!

The well known brand VIANO, representing a complete range of garden products & fertilisers (compound and straight fertilisers, soil improvers, etc), offers premium quality products for in and around the garden, the professional horticulture, organic agriculture, landscaping, commercial growers, municipal services, green area’s and landscaping.

Frans Krauch Sr.

Frans Krauch Jr.