Indoor support

Viano has numerous items to put the products in the spotlight in your company.

Displaybox in cardboard or metal

Specially made boxdisplay with productinformation cardboards included. For presentation of medium sized packagings of Viano organic and organic-mineral products (bags or boxes up to 5 kg. Viano special metal standard for Doypacks brings the product nearby the plants… easy to handle and can be placed outside or anyware else in the gardencenter.

Viano Indoor pallet presentation

Viano indoor palet unit is completely equipped with clear product information cardboards which guide the visitor and tell him all about the applications of the organic or organic-mineral Viano products who are displayed in the box.

Viano Indoor shop

A special metal standard for the presenation of 1,5 kg and 4 kg boxes in the Viano range. Fully equipped with headboards, price labels, an easy to extend concept. Delivered with the Viano organic or ogano-mineral products of your choice.

Product information signs

Easy to handle product information signs to hang up at point of sales nearby the presented products. Attractive and clear information. With quick fastenings. These signs tell the consumer all about the Viano organic or organic-mineral fertilsers, the lime products and subtrates in a clear, understandable way.

Information leaflets and brochures

For the consumer and the professional Viano provide a range of information leaflets and brochures were applications, useful tips and products characteristics are available to the user. Products as organic fertilisers, lime products and substrates are presented in this leaflet. Available on simple demand. These leaflets can be personalized. Some consumer leaflets contain discount coupons.