New product development

Viano Organic fertilisers with added microlife:

Viano organo- mineral and organic fertilisers can be enriched with special additional products.

To establish a better growth, a balanced crop development or a better start after planting, Viano offers different types of bacteria and other inocculent products to the customer for special applications.

Viano Organic fertilisers with Humic acids:

To increase and optimize the uptake of nutrients by the plants, Viano has add humic acids to some of the fertilisers in its productrange. Humifirst is a mixture of humic acids and fulvo components that guarantees less needs in fertilisation.

This product is responsabel for a better aeration of the soil, less leaching of nitrate, better root formation and higher productivity in crops.

Viano Organic fertilisers with Bio Warranty Certificat :

Some organic fertilisers in the Viano range are authorized for organic farming, They contain only raw materials who are approved by governing bodies to use in the manufactering of fertilisers (organic or organo- mineral compound fertiliser).

The products who carry this label are authorized for organic farming in fully compliance with the EC regulatons (834/2007 & 889/2008)