Viano troughout Europe

Viano is providing its customers with premium quality organic fertilisers. With the help of our inhouse R&D-, quality- and marketing departments we establish long term partnerships with our distributors in numerous countries over Europe.
Adapted productformulations and marketingtools are developped in full cooperation with the customer in full compliance with applicable legislation regulations in the country of distribution.

Our export-, quality- and purchase managers are monitoring every single step of this process to guarantee succes . They are reviewing and matching developments continiously with customers requirements. More info about our export activities : Please contact Steven De Winne.

The range of Viano premium quality fertilisers is composed out of compound (NPK,NK,NP,NPK+Mg,…) and straight (simple) fertilisers of animal or vegetable origin (bloodmeal, hoof- & hornmeal, vinasses, bonemeal, feathermeal, soyameal, rock phosphate, seaweeds,…).

Distributors, brandholders, food and non- food chains, wholesalers and purchase syndicats are supplied with Viano products.
This wide range, available to customers worldwide, is offered as organic and organo- mineral based product, in any packaging and in numerous different productforms and languages.