New product forms

As a result of this innovation process, Viano can offer the customer organic and organo- mineral fertilisers in different forms. In relation to the application or target group of customers, Viano has developped 2 different sizes of crumbs

Viano MicroCrumb (MC):

Viano MC is a small crumb (0,7mm -2,1mm) with an optimized particle density. This min crumb guarantees an even spreading and a rapid dissolving after application. Viano MC is dustproof and has no unpleasant smell, is easy to spread and ensures a superior result.

Each crumb contains the full NPK- menu of the formulation and is available in numerous organic and organo- mineral formulations. Viano MicroCrumb is offered for fertilisers with applications to golf courses, sports fields, football fields, amenity, landscaping and preparation of non- fertilised growing composts.

Advantages of MicroCrumb :

  • Due to dustpoor granules a cleaner application is possible
  • Crumbs fall deep into the lawn, quicker and better result
  • Available in both organic or organo- mineral NPK menu
  • Each crumb contains all necessary nutrients for a good development
  • More equal distribution while spreading

Viano RegularCrumb (RC):

This crumbsize (2,1mm – 3,5 mm) is more common used for horticultural and agricultural application, commercial growing, landscaping, nursery, in gardencenters and DIY shops,…

It is less expensive as MicroCrumb but still of exeptionally high quality. Offered in a wide range of organic or organo- mineral formulations.